Thursday, March 16, 2023

Greasing The Tractor

 I just spent 45 minutes greasing the tractor.  I squirted grease into every zerk I could find, and I may have missed one .  I'll check the lube order to see if I missed any.

This is the second time I have used the Lube Shuttle, and I admit I like it. If, indeed, it is possible to like a grease gun. Let me just say that it is the less onerous than any I have used before.  Tractors, and especially those with front loaders are greasy things.  Every motion point on it has, or should have, a grease fittings.

Several years ago, I began the practice of cutting up old tee shirts to use as shop rage.  I can generally get eight shop rags our of a male 2X tee shirt.  I have a stack of them in a box where I keep cleaning supples and today I used four in the lube operation. They are perfect for such operations.


Don McCollor said...

Sounds a lot better than the grease guns I used growing up on the farm. Unscrew the barrel of the grease gun, insert open end into a 5-gal pail of grease, pull the piston back to suck up the grease, screw barrel back on, then try to wipe off the excess with sticks and leaves (as to hands, it would have been easier to just get it over with and plunge both arms up to the elbows in the grease pail). A possible tip with the grease zerks - laminate a list giving every zerk to be greased to check your memory against.

Anonymous said...

My biggest problem is getting the tip on/off the zerks!
Sometimes its a fight to get on the tip, and grease squirts everywhere BUT the fitting. Other times king kong can't take it off (and theres barely room for 2 fingers in there).
Only snap off about 1 or two a year....