Wednesday, March 22, 2023


 Replying to some of the comments on the tractor post below.

Termite said: You may get requests to come bush-hog other folks land, LOL.

Other folks can get over it.  I'm not in the land clearing business.

Anon said: X2 for Termite"s comment ... Love this blog , you have a lot more fans than you think

I appreciate this.  But, I don't do it to build a fan base.  It's a diary where I talk about anything that piques my interest. Sometimes, it is just to remember  a part number because it is easy to search. I talk about politics, my hobbies, projects and cooking.

Another Anon said: Last night at 6 pm I got my garden tilled ahead of today's rain.


Oh, yeah, a PTO mounted rotary tiller is a joy to own.  I let one get away from me, and I miss it.  It made putting in a garden (or renovating a pasture) very easy.   It's on my short list of thigs to look for.

 Slipstrm111 said... check the brush hog and make sure it has lube in the gearbox, mine did not!

New brush hogs are shipped dry. 90 weight is cheap.  Mine's full, I filled it yesterday.


Alan said...

"Other folks can get over it."
May want to re-think that. If a property is not too 'technical' i.e. hilly, swamp, sinkholes, etc., sitting on your butt driving in circles is a good way to build up neighbor good will.
Cash or better trades.
If I had adjacent grown up property, I'd offer to knock it down for near free. Leaving some green belts for the outdoor critters.

Anonymous said...

I bought my tractor and my chainsaw for my use. I will not lend either to anyone. I will help a neighbor or friend with either tool but I want to wear them out doing my work

Deacon in Louisiana