Sunday, February 05, 2023

Transparent Failure

 So, now that we have watched the epic failure of the Biden Administration over the drama of the spy balloon, we need to ask a few questions.  Its remains lie across the ocean bottom off the Carolina coast, reportedly in 45 feet of water, and the Navy will soon be sending a salvage crew out to gather the wreckage.

No one told us about it until a citizen in Montana happened to notice it and took some good photos. The Biden administration was like "Yeah, we knew it was there.  We've been tracking it for a while."  Yet, they didn't bother to tell the rest of us.  Very transparent.  Joe told reporters that he ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down, but they wanted to wait until it was over water.

From what I've read, it came in over Alaska, then traversed western Canada, thence into the lower 48.  A quick check this morning tells me that Elmendorf AFB still has planes.  Why was the balloon allowed to get this far?

The Chinese say that the balloon was a civilian weather balloon that strayed off course.  Sure it was.

We do know that the CCP has paid Hunter a lot of money, with 10% for The Big Guy.  So, it is fair to assume that Joe has already been paid for his silence.  We can add this drama to the long list of military failures under Biden's watch.  The larger question is whether this drama was an accident, or by design?


Jester said...

Why did Canada not shoot it down, oh wait their prime minister is a commie..
Also there was more than enough areas to shoot his thing down that it would not have impacted anyone. Sorry but I don't buy they wanted to recover the stuff and the ocean was the best place to do it. I would bet my last drop of blood the thing was transmitting what it "observed" the entire time. So the CCP got the full value and use out of this thing. Who was bought off besides the Bidens? Anyone that was in military leadership that went along with this or did not automatically decide to shoot this thing down should be reduced in grade to E1 and put in Kansas.

Termite said...

This was China giving the USA the middle finger.

Old NFO said...

I'll go with design... To see what they could get away with and collect data on.

Mike-SMO said...

I keep wondering what, in the baloon payload, was hot enough to attract a Sidewinder issile. Lots of electronics with a heat sink? Hmmmm.

be603 said...

Looks like a target rich environment Goose