Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Still Winter Storm

 On this first day of February, I got out early as I normally do on the 1st.  I took a non-driving buddy to do his banking and some shopping.  The weather is miserable, rainy, drizzly, with temps in the 30s.  According to the weather-weenies, it will remain so all day long.  Thankfully, no ice in the forecast and this morning the roads were wet, but passable.

Watching weather videos, I feel sorry for my friends in central Texas.  I hope y'all stay warm and safe.  Likewise my buddies in Arkansas.

While running errands this morning, my friend wanted to stop by the smoke shop. While there I noticed a bottle of whiskey I have been wanting to try.  Redbreast 12.

It is what they call a Single Pot Still Irish whiskey, and I understand that it is delicious.  That will have to wait until the weather moderates and I am able to give it a fair assessment.  This morning, I'm sipping hot cocoa and pondering lunch.


juvat said...

Glad you had "no ice". Not the case over here. Haven't needed to go anywhere, but getting kinda bored staring at walls. 3 days so far, supposed to warm above freezing tomorrow PM. We'll see.

Old NFO said...

We're doing okay, little bit of ice, but it was mostly gone by noon. Hopefully warming up tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Full report needed!
I've been enjoying Chattanooga Whiskeys offerings lately. Their cask strength will catch you!