Monday, February 13, 2023

Those Balloons

 It's been a bizarre couple of weeks.  First, a citizen happens to notice an object in the sky over Montana.  He takes pictures, sends them to the local news outlet, and suddenly we have a Chinese spy balloon.  Biden catches hell for it, and they decide to shoot it down near Myrtle Beach, He's embarrassed about the whole scenario.

This week we shoot down three more.  What's up with that?

Well, evidently, NORAD cranked up the sensitivity on their radars.  Now they are finding the damned things everywhere. And, the Air Force is taking war shots over the North American continent.

Cranking up the sensitivity means they see a lot more stuff.  Like Canada geese, or the Snow geese that come down from the north each winter.  Some of those geese have been spotted at 29,000 feet.  Well in the range of commercial aviation.  Which is probably why the sensitivity was low in the first place.  Geese fly with the airplanes.  They squawk, sure enough, but they don't have transponders.

The job at NORAD just got a whole lot tougher.


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Brings new meaning to Mav's observation at the Miramar O-club

"Looks like a target rich environment" Appropriately uttered to... Goose

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