Tuesday, February 07, 2023

State of the Union

 What can Joe say about the state of the union tonight?  What success can he trumpet?  Let's review, shall we?

Gas prices -  The last gasoline I bought under Trump was $1.97.  It's hovering around $3.00 now.  Utter failure.

Inflation - Under Trump, less than 2%.  Under Biden, over 6% and we're looking at recession.  Utter failure.

Our Military - Disastrous Afghan withdrawal.  And now he is raping our war stocks to send to Ukraine.  Utter failure.  Lloyd Austin is still in charge.

National Security - Chinese spy balloon.  Utter failure.

The Southern Border. - Utter failure.   Montana is reporting cartel incursions.   Unbelievable.

Transportation - Supply shortages.   Mayor Pete.  Need I say more?

In short, Joe has nothing to brag about.  The state of the union is scary under his watch.


Old NFO said...

Who knows...but I'm sure they will trot out 'something'...

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I was commenting to my wife that I thank God every day for the fact that we had four years of Trump after 8 years of Obama and before the 16 years of Biden.

Wait? What?... Oh, well it already FEELS like it has been sixteen years.

Anonymous said...

GOP should have booed more