Friday, February 09, 2018

The Project - An Accounting

I didn't go out in the shop last night.  My workday was over several hours after dark, and I decided, with some input from Belle, that erecting a ladder in a dark shop building was probably not the most prudent way to proceed.  Today, I'll get off work long before dark, and I can work out there this afternoon.

But, it is instructive to look at this project so far, through Phase 1.  The building itself is a common metal building, 40 X 50 feet, with 10-foot eaves.  It has one 12-foot roll up door and one man door.  The roof is pitched 3-on-12.

A cost breakdown is included.

Slab - $10,000 complete, installed.  Footings, rebar, and reinforcing wire,
Building - $14,500 complete with doors installed and framing for electrical and A/C.
A/C units.  $1000.  Two, identical 18K BTU units.
Electrical supplies - $1000 meter pan, breaker panel, wring, outlets, boxes, and etc
Insulation - $4500.  1 inch closed cell foam installed on all surfaces.  R6 value.

If my math serves, it reveals that I have $31,000 in this project, which translates to $15.50 per square foot of usable space.  Not bad.

Belle and I were reflecting last evening, that up to this point, everything that has come across the culvert has been paid for, in cash.  We have not yet visited a loan officer.  More surprisingly, we have used three different contractors (concrete, fabrication, and insulation), and so far I have not yet signed a contract.   This project was done the old-fashioned way, with good people standing on the ground, making commitments, and shaking hands.  In many cases, that is all that is necessary.

When I get home this afternoon, I"ll try to remember to take pictures.

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Steve Sky said...

Hi Pawpaw,
I was wondering if you had considered putting in light panels in the roof, letting in outside light. That would seem to be cheaper than electric lights. Just curious about your thinking on that.

Thank you,