Sunday, February 18, 2018

Red Beans and RIce

We know that spring is on the way, but winter ain't over yet.  Yesterday, Belle decided to put on a pot of red beans.  She uses a method that has absolutely no work at all.

Red Beans and Sausage

2 lbs dry red kidney beans
2 lbs sausage (any kind.  Take your pick)

Rinse beans and sort.  Beans are a raw agricultural product and occasionally you'll find a puce of gravel.  In a large slow-cooker, add beans, water to cover them, salt, pepper to taste.  Cut sausage into rounds and add to the pot.  Cook on low for 12-14 hours.  The beans will get creamy and the sausage will add a little fat to the mix, blending the flavors.    That is an 8-quart slow cooker.  Adjust your proportions to match your cooker.  One pound of beans and one pound of sausage work just fine in a smaller cooker.

We put these on last night before bedtime and let them cook all night.    In another hour, we'll put on a pot of rice and Belle will make cornbread.

Red Beans and Rice fits good on a cloudy, cool February morning.


Old NFO said...

Lookin' good! I usually throw a little Tabasco in for 'spice'... :-D

Coderage said...

Damn-it, now I'm hungry.