Monday, February 19, 2018

Seven Things

There is a great article over at PJMedia, Seven Things We Can Do To Prevent Another School Massacre...  The article makes sense.  Let's excerpt, shall we?

1.  Train Teachers.  This makes sense to me from a practical perspective.  If I am the school cop, and I know that some of the teachers have volunteered to go through training to conceal, carry, and protect students, then I know who the good guys are.  The old law about gun-fighting:  "Bring a gun and all your friends who have guns."  If I'm the only cop in the school, I"m almost certainly outnumbered in any gun-fight.  That won't stop me from doing my job, but additional help is always welcome.

2.  Get Cops In The Schools.  This is so self-evident that I am amazed that not every school district in the nation has employed this policy.

3.  Get Rid Of Gun Free Zones.  Yeah, those signs really help, don't they?  Gun Free Zones are problematic on so many levels.

4.  Stop Coddling Lawbreakers.  It's always amazed me that kids can get away with things in the schools that, if done in Wal-Mart, would immediately result in the police being called.  I'm not saying that the police should get involved for every minor infraction, but I've run into some administrators who don't want anyone arrested at their schools. 

5.  Home Educate.  This is always an option.  It may not be the best option, but it is something to consider.  There is a wealth of online assistance to help someone get through high school. 

6.  Start Parenting.  Wow!  What a remarkable idea.  This might not have helped with the recent shooting (both is parents died recently), but in the long run, parenting is a great idea.

7.  Repent.  Yeah, no kidding.  A return to faith is a singular blessing and is always a good idea.  I saw a thing recently on FaceBook where someone asked God why there was so many school massacres.  God replied that He wasn't allowed in schools.

It's a great article, and I'll link it here again.  Go read the whole thing for more insight, but what struck me about these recommendations, is that not one of them violates the 2nd Amendment.


Dave said...

The father of the most recent shooter died some years ago. Given the timeline shown in the link below, I'd say 2010 might be a good guess as to what year.

(Note that 2010 is when the police start getting called because the mother can't deal with the kid.)

Anonymous said...

Why does no one want to investigate this-

Pull up Wikipedia, time line on mass shooting in schools. The outliers- Kent State, Charles Whitman- they don't even matter- leave them in, the trend is so evident it washes them out as a factor.

SSRI's (prozak, etc) were introduced in 1988.

Notice anything?

Now do a search for SSRI side effects, and realize these drugs are handed out wholesale as a first line intervention, and virtually every one of the whacked out loser killer kids was on them. Take a few million kids on these and a half percent bad reaction adds up PDQ.

But nobody wants to talk about it ,despite the FDA black box warning and the EU warnings. The money is just too damned good.

Jonathan H said...

I would say that the current position on #3 violates the 2nd Amendment.

On a related subject, do you, or other officers that you know who work in schools, wear a ballistic vest on the job?

Daddy Hawk said...

I agree with you for the most part. I would apend number 2 to add former military private security if police resources are in adequate. 6 and 7 are unlikely to happen given the state of society.

Gaffer said...

Permission requested to use your comments. It's refreshing to read the thoughts of one of the "trench critters" rather than academics and politicians. said...

I think something that could be added to the list is what Brad Torgersen brought up: Encourage two parent families.

With no roll model in the house, it's difficult for children to learn how to behave like adults. It's also difficult to see what to look for in a relationship, as well as what to look out for in one.