Monday, February 26, 2018

Some Photos

Some photos from this weekend's shoot.

First, a custom holster rig that has been donated by Lazy JD Leatherworks. The holsters re fully tooled with a matching insert.  It will be raffled to support Shoot For The Stars, the CFDA scholarship program.

Second, a custom Bowie knife, crafted by club member Brother Fred.  It's made from a horseshoe rasp and features a stag handle with brass guard and end cap.  This is a very nice knife, and we'll raffle it to support a local charity.

Third, a photo of me, PawPaw hisself, announcing.  I though that the photog ws clowning around, but it came out okay.

Last, a great image of Belle throwing fire.  If you don't think that the ladies in this sport arre just as serious as the menfolk, I'll enter this photo into evidence.

It was a great shoot, and many thanks for Miss E showing up to take pictures.  For the record, Belle prefers Pietta revolvers.  I'm not sure which she's shooting in this photo, as they are nrealy a matched pair.

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Jonathan H said...

That's an impressive muzzle blast for a primer only shot.