Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Not This Again

I see that the gun control meme has raised its ugly head again.  Liberal talking heads are gushing about the idea that maybe they can finally do something about those horrible guns.  They figure that if they make enough noise, someone will start to pay attention to them.  The anti-gunners are in full throated  roar and they think that they have the initiative.

It's like arguing with three-year olds.  What they don't understand is that any serious attempt to harm the Second Amendment will have serious repercussions.  More serious than they might want to contemplate.  And, if they think that the police or military will d their dirty work, they really should think again.

I'm hearing (and reading) all the nonsense spewing from the antis and at this point, it's simply tiresome.  We've had this discussion before  Every time some socially challenged, mentally ill, self-loathing misfit decides to shoot up something, whether it be a school, or a nightclub, or a convention center, the antis immediately start harping on the gun.  And you've lost the argument EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It's not going to work this time either.  Because your argument is a straw-man, and ignores the real problem.  The problem is that murder, violence, and mental illness are endemic to the human condition and until you address those issues, the problem own't go away.  You're not going to do an Australian-type buy-back(which really didn't work that well), you're not going to get the police to go door-to-door, you are probably not even going to get a new Assault Weapons Ban.  It just ain't happening, folks.

The fact that they keep bringing it up shows that they're not willing to identify the problem, they're certainly not willing to work to solve the problem, and they keep dredging up the same, tired old canard.

Frankly, they're not going to change any minds, and it's getting a bit tiresome.

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