Thursday, February 15, 2018

An Epic Rant

Megyn Kelly goes on an epic rant.  It's almost fun to watch, because she appears so powerless.  "The NRA is too powerful, and our politicians are too weak."  That's true Megyn.  Millions of us stand with the NRA, and we elect politicians who also stand with the NRA.  That makes us powerful.

What she doesn't understand is that we feel the same frustration.  None of us wants to see school shootings.  None of us wants to watch mass carnage.  But, we can't just start institutionalizing the mentally challenged.  The ACLU would have a fit. 

I take no neither comfort nor amusement at her frustration.  I feel it too.  But, whatever we come up with has to make sense.  It also needs to make a difference. 

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