Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cimarron El Malo

Surfing around early this morning, I went over to Cimarron's website to look at cowboy guns and found something that looks promising.

The Cimarron El Malo.  The documentation in the box says that it is made by Elle Pietta and imported by Cimarron.  It comes in a variety of calibers and barrel lengths.  The one under the link above is is .45 Long Colt with a 4-3/4 inch barrel.  This caliber is required for CFDA shooting and the short barrel is preferred by a variety of shooters, but this model also comes in the longer barrel lengths, to include the 7.5 inch.  The MSRP is $544.74, but it can be had cheaper.

What I like about this particular model is the hammer-mounted firing pin.  That, of course, requires a load-one-skip-one-load-four routine like the old Colt system, but that hasn't been a problem for knowledgeable gunners since 1873.

Grabagun has it for $465.98 in the short barrel and $447.83 in the long barrel.  It's interesting that the long gun is several dollars less expensive than the short gun.

Here's a YouTube video that gives an out-of-the-box look at the revolver.

The octagon barrel is a nice touch, and Belle likes Pietta revolvers.  Both of her competition revolvers are Pietta's.  They seem to be holding up well, and   The Pietta frames seem just a tiny bit smaller than the Uberti, and the scale tells us that the Pietta is several ounces lighter than the Ruger Vaquero.

I do like the looks of that revolver.  If I find a few spare dollars, one of those might end up in my spares bag.

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