Monday, May 22, 2017

Oklahoma State - Day 3

We started with bracket matches in the morning, and of the Louisiana crews, nobody could find the target.  It was a fast 2X match, and before I knew it, I had collected my two Xs and was done shooting for the day.  So, I did what we do in that predicament.  I helped out, running the line, hand-judging, and generally trying to make myself useful.

There's one shooter, Parttime, who wears big hats.  Akarate Zach decided to make a stack of hats and attempt a Parttime immitation.

It was a great shoot, put on by great people, and I want to thank the Green County Gunslingers for putting on a fine event.  It was a success in every way.

Belle, Zach and I went back to the hotel room and crashed.  We've arisen at this point.  In just a few minutes I'll pack up this computer and we'll start packing the van to return to Louisiana.    We'll be back at work tomorrow, and tackling another project.  Belle and I have  fast-draw club to build.

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Old NFO said...

Sorry it didn't go well for y'all. But that IS a heckuva stack of hats! :-)