Friday, May 19, 2017

Oklahoma State - Day 1

We found the arena this morning and went in for registration and equipment check.

That's my gal in the picture above  We've competed equipment check and are waiting for the shooter's meeting.

We shot categories today, which is an age-based competition.  We didn't cover ourseves in gory, but we didn't embarrass ourselves either.  Today was a good warm-up for the main match, which will begin tomorrow morning.

That's Akarate Zach, hanging out with Okie Ed, one of our hosts.

Tomorrow is the main match, and we're in the hotel room getting ready for a good nigh's seep.


Anonymous said...

"We didn't cover ourseves in gory..."
I don't know if that's a typo or intentional, but I like it!
--Tennessee Budd

Old NFO said...

Heh, agree with Tennessee Budd...

Anonymous said...

Where in OK are you?

Jonathan H said...

After a comment on 'gory', you should talk about what the other guy looks like.