Monday, May 08, 2017

Eyes and Ears

Johnathan asks in comments, regarding the CFDA shoots:
I see ear plugs and eye protection in use - good to see people being careful.
How loud are the shots? Is ear protection really required for them, or is it just a precaution?
I'm glad you asked.  Eye protection is mandatory for everyone on the line.  Those bullets sometimes ricochet back toward the line and we don't want to shoot an eye out.  We take great care in making sure that everyone has safety glasses.

Ear protection is recommended for adults and mandatory for youth.   The sound of the shot is much less than a .22 LR, but we make it mandatory for the youngsters.  And, every range has ear plugs available for anyone who wants hearing protection.

Thanks for asking.


Old NFO said...

Eye and ear protection is ALWAYS good at any range! An old deaf man, Just sayin'

Jonathan H said...

I used double hearing protection on the riding mower last night. I hope to get old and NOT be deaf.