Saturday, May 06, 2017

Reviewing the Photos

We have a photographer in Cowboy Fast Draw, Miss E, who takes pictures at our matches.  Lots of pictures, both good and bad.  As Paul Simon famously said, "She has an eye for a camera, she loves to take a photograph."

We can learn from her photos, if you look at them with a critical eye.  For example, this one, below.

That's me, Major D, in the red shirt and tan pants.  About to take a shot, and my arm is extended way to much.  That cost me a tenth of a second, and in this game, a tenth is an eternity.  I've got to work on that.

Moving on to the next shot, we see me with my arm closer in.

That's me in the white shirt, foreground.  I remember winning that match, and my hand is a lot closer to my body.  That's better and I need to work on that.

The nandsake after the match.  That's something we do after the match is over.  Win or lose, we wish our opponent well.  The guy with me in that photo is a shooter out of Gainesville, Texas that we call Skagway.

Next, we have my son-in-law, Cajun Greg demonstrating good form.

That's Cajun Greg in the red shirt.  He's showing good form, gun in tight against his body.  He's shooting against a fellow we call Ol' Bucker.   Ol' Bucker is a shooter out of California.  He's one of the traveling fellows, who tours the country getting into gunfights.

Looking at pictures is fun, but Zach and I have an appointment at the range.  We'll be practicing this afternoon.  But, before I go, here's a picture of Zach, making smoke at Texas State

He's the youngster in the center of the photo, and he's showing good form as well.  That might explain why, after the gunsmoke had cleared and the dust had settled, Zach was the second place finisher in the youth division.

Now, if you'll excuse me, we'e off to the range.


Old NFO said...

Great photos! And nice to see y'all in action too! Good sportsmanship is coming back in at least some sports, finally!!!

Jonathan H said...

I see ear plugs and eye protection in use - good to see people being careful.
How loud are the shots? Is ear protection really required for them, or is it just a precaution?