Sunday, August 28, 2016

Practice Day

We held a practice day at Thorn Valley yesterday, and we tried to get some video.  Just like football teams review game videos, we've learned that watching video can help us understand what we're doing wrong.  Below, a video of PawPaw hisself running the long gun.  The revolver in question is a Ruger (old) Vaquero.

What I've learned from watching this video is that my holster is a bit high, and that I tend to hesitate for just a couple of milliseconds before I trip the trigger.  I'm shooting in the 0.83s, which is slow in this game.  I need to lose about 2/10ths of a second to be really competitive.  That would put me down in the mid 5s, and that ain't bad with a long gun.

Next, we look at a video taken by me, while Big Mark was running his long gun.  This is from the perspective of the hand judge.  A hand judge is vital to any CFDA competition.  The hand judge is the front line of keeping everyone focused on a fair competition.  The hand judge sees it all.

I'm honestly not sure what revolver Mark is running in this video.  He favors Rugers, so if I had to guess, I'd speculate that it's a New Vaquero.  I'll leave him to critique his own performance, but I'll note that he's getting the gun out and the bullet downrance in the sub-6/10th range.

In ten days we leave for Kentucky State.  We're stoked about it, and looking forward to a good time.

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Old NFO said...

Enjoy, and as always, it's about practice and improvement, it's the 'little' incremental things that contribute more than most people know.