Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oh, Joy!

As south Louisiana tries to dry out, the National Hurricane Center brings us a warning about a possible problem next week.  It seems that there is something brewing that might cause us problems.

It's not a tropical storm yet, and it is not even named, but the weather-weenies are keeping an eye on it.  Go to the National Weather Service for more information.

It's not time to freak out yet, but it is time to review your plan.  (You should always have a plan.)  This thing doesn't bode well for southern Florida, and if it gets into teh warm Gulf waters, who knows how fast it might brew up.  PawPaw will be keeping an eye on this one over the next several days.


Old NFO said...

Plan on going North... sigh... That's what my family's plan is. Go to the old home place.

BobF said...

I'm not exactly thrilled here in the Orlando area, either.