Friday, August 26, 2016

The Election

I haven't said much about the election recently, for a couple of very good reasons.  First, I believe the political landscape to have degenerated into a surreal parody.  National politics is bizarre.

However, Scott Adams is talking about the latest news cycle and he posits some interesting speculation.
Here in the USA, we’ve narrowed our search for a new leader to two lying, 70-year old racists. (You should see how bad the other 320 million of us are.)
I’m exaggerating, obviously. There are big differences in the candidates. For example, Clinton has allegedly killed lots of people in the past, whereas Trump will allegedly kill lots of people in the future. That’s very different, timing-wise.
 They are both lying. All the time. About everything.
If that isn’t obvious to you at this point, you are hypnotized. Literally.
That's my take on the current presidential race.  It's bizarre beyond belief.  Whatever happens, the United States is about to elect a liar to the presidency.  One of them has been plotting since the '80s to become the president, but she had to sell out American interests everywhere to get the money to get the nomination.  The other one is a businessman who never really intended to be president, but he won the nomination and is now out of his element.

It's become a race of two political cripples.  Neither one of them is fit to serve, have no good ideas, but each have outlasted their political adversaries.  They're limping toward the finish line, trying to deliver a telling blow to the other before the final bell rings and the curtain falls on this national tragedy.  It might be interesting if it weren't so pathetic.


Old NFO said...

Neither of them will be king... There is still congress and SCOTUS (at least for now)...

Anonymous said...

As a crippled-up dude myself, I'm offended by your characterization!!

I'm kidding, of course. Do you really think anybody that thin-skinned would read this blog? God preserve us from such wilting violets!
--Tennessee Budd