Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Depressing, The news, that is.  Wall to wall election coverage and I'm tired of it.  We've got less than three months and I'll be glad when it's over.

So, let's talk about guns.  I was pawn-shop crawling yesterday and a good friend in the business told me about a new online gun order site.  He said that they have a lot of what I'm always looking for (revolvers, mainly), and that they ship to him quickly.

So, I went over, started looking around, and ordered a Taylor's and Company Ranch hand revolver.  It's a dead-nuts match for the Uberti Hombre I use as my go-to short gun, and I need a spare.  I had been planning a trip to Bass Pro shops out of town, but I can get the gun delivered to my favorite pawn broker, and simply pay him a transfer fee.  Not a bad deal at all.

Not many folks know, but Ruger is the only manufacturer I know of that makes single action revolvers in the US anymore.  (Yeah, Colt.  Right. Find one on the shelves.)  The rest of the single action revolvers are made overseas.  Uberti and Piietta are the big names, and most of the US companies use one or the other of them.  Some like Uberti's some like Pietta's and some like Rugers.

That's the reason that the companies make red bicycles and blue bicycles.  Some like 'em red, some like 'em blue.

But, this is the first time I've ever ordered a gun online.  My retailer tells me that grabagun does a good business through his shop, so we'll see what happens.


Flugelman said...

Enjoy the blog and as an old retired Bullseye and silhouette shooter I find the fast draw stuff interesting.

Turns out Grab A Gun is 10 minutes from where I live and I go over that way 2 or 3 times a month to get carry out. They are kinda off the beaten path tho.

Thanks for the heads up.

Daddy Hawk said...

Grabagun is my local gun shop as it's just a few minutes from my office. I can order online and swing by to pick up my order on my lunch break. Nice people to deal with In my experience.

Old NFO said...

Interesting... I'll check it out, thanks!

Joe Mama said...

You can help yourself if Google News is one of your news sources. You can go to the Personalize button in the upper right corner. Click on it. The turn off any topics that you are not interested in or are tired of.

You can also turn on topics. For example, you could add "Concealed carry" and/or "Cowboy Fast Draw".

Goggle is almost mindless. It will sort through the millions of articles being churned out each week and bring those that contain your "topic" to your own Google News page.