Monday, March 14, 2016

Sear/Bolt Springs

Couple of weeks ago we were shooting in the backyard and had a sear/bolt spring turn loose on my Uberti Cattleman.  I wasn't terribly upset, as I had a spare, and my elder son and I replaced it in short order.  It looked like this:

After everyone went home, I Googled around and found that those flat steel springs are prone to break, right where mine broke.  Those flat springs might be okay on a revolver that shoots a couple of hundred rounds a year, but our revolvers shoot a couple of thousand rounds a year.

The answer seems to be a wire spring, rather than flat steel, and they're made by both Wolfe and Heinie.  They look like this:

I went to both Brownells and Midway USA and, of course, that particular spring is on backorder.  I fussed and cussed, and put them on my wish list.  Today I checked Midway, and they're still on backorder, but I cliked over to Brownells and they have them in stock.  Hooray.

The Heinie Spring is Brownells number 394-630-000WB
The Wolff Spring is Brownells number 969-322-940WB

I ordered a half-dozen of them to keep in the spares.  We're shooting four different revolvers that might use these springs, so having a few spares is prudent.  While I was at it, I ordered some Wolff reduced power springs for the Ruger Vaquero/Blackhawk.

The Wolff springs for the Vaquero/Blackhawk are Brownells Number 969-000-200WB.

I put those numbers up for my own reference, but I'm happy to share if anyone is interested.


Old NFO said...

Thanks, I'll order a couple for my Uberti, not that I shoot it that much. :-)

John said...

I called Wolff with a question and got an actual human being who answered not only the first stupid question, but the second question when I called back a minute later.
Good company.
Wolff included a new firing pin spring with the new recoil spring. Thus the almost completed saga of how to change the firing pin spring in a Kahr, including the chapter on special tools.

Murphy's Law said...

Good to know--I shoot a Cattleman myself. I'll have to bring it for show-and-tell when I get down there.