Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturday Club Shoot

Thorn Valley was out at the club shoot today, about 11 shooters on hand to enjoy the companionship and competition.

Club president Big Mark working with a new shooter.  We've gotten a lot of new shooters lately, and our club rolls are up to 21 members.  Last year at this time, there were barely 10 of us.

New shooter, Greg on lane one.  Greg is my son-in-law and just started shooting ast month.  New shooter, Rick on lane 2.  He has only been shooting a couple of months.  Old-hand Sal on lane 3.  Sal is one of the founding members.

We're growing the club and doing fine.  One shooter at a time.

PawPaw is home now, I stopped at a barbecue joint and got a couple of rib plates.  Milady and I scarfed them down and now we're having a late afternoon digestif.  I have a couple of pork butts in crock pots for puled pork tomorrow, and I'm just about to retire to my recliner.

Sunday will soon be on us.

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Old NFO said...

That's great news! More folks=more fun!