Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Let Freedom Ring

While I wasn't paying attention, the West Virginia legislature debated a bill to allow Constitutional Carry, passed it through both houses and sent it to the governor.  He vetoed it.  So, the legislature over-rode the veto.  Constitutional Carry becomes legal in West Virginia on May 26th.

Of course, the left-wing is having a case of the vapors.
West Virginia Overrides Governor’s Veto To Pass Radical NRA-Backed Gun Law
That's their headline, not mine.  From what I read, the bill doesn't allow full open carry, but simply decrees that no permit is necessary for persons over 21 to carry a concealed firearm.

This is a huge win, not just for gun rights, but for freedom everywhere.  As I understand it, the anti-gunners threw millions of dollars into the fight, and they lost big.  The nanny-staters spent millions and have zero return for their dollars, and that's a huge win in my book.

As Joe puts it:
Probably the best we can do is make the cost, in time, money, and public opinion, as high as practical such that the return on Bloomberg’s investment is as low as possible. In the case of West Virginia, gun rights supporters caused him to do the equivalent of setting a very large pile of $100 bills on fire. Bloomberg has an distressingly large number of $100 bills he is willing to throw on the fire but getting nothing reports of his failures in return for spending large amounts of money will be discouraging to both him and the people he is funding. It also demonstrates that the claim that “the greedy gun manufactures with lots of money” and the NRA get votes by outbidding the virtuous anti-gun activists is false. With this key assumption falsified it demoralizes them and makes it more difficult for them to recruit additional people and raise money from other people.
Let Freedom Ring


JoeMama said...

There is little love in West Virginia for Washington DC and Liberals.

Their principle industry, coal, has been vilified by the Left as being dirtier than the sex industry. West Virginia's economy, never super robust, went into the septic tank due to fear of "carbon" and other emissions.

Easy enough to solve if everybody who cared about "carbon" held their breath for 24 hours.

Just sayin'

M. Silvius said...

Here in Maine we went constitutional carry at the beginning of the year, of course all the moonbats got their skivvies in a bunch about it. Maine also allows private sales without a background check, so of course now Bloomberg is throwing his weight around along with his big money, and bringing in out of state activists to get an initiative going to get that changed.

Old NFO said...

That's good to hear, and the more the left squirms and spends for nothing, the better!!! :-)

Jonathan H said...

Open Carry in legal in West Virginia and has been for years, no permit required. Interestingly, the WV State Police openly advocate against doing it and state publicly that they will treat someone openly carrying as a threat.