Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Afternoon at the Army

Hanging out with the youngest grandkid today, after lunch he wanted to go to the military museum over at Camp Beauregard.  Climbing on military vehicles and talking about equipment sounds like fun, so we drove over.

Standing on the front blade of an M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle.  Ony 291 of these were made, some are still in service, and this one is on a museum pad.

And, on the front slope of the M551 Armored Cav Recon vehicle.  One of my very favorite armored vehicles.  It wasn't a tank, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to tool around in.

While we were wandering around, taking pictures, the curator of the museum stopped by.  We looked at each other, askance, and realized that w had served together.  He was in A Troop 2/108 Cav while I was in HHC 1/156 Infantry.  His unit piggybacked with us for tank qualifications, because we were both using M1 Abrams tanks at the time.  His little troop would fall in beside our battalion for tank quals.  No wonder he looked familiar.  Good times talking with an old soldier.

Of course, if there is a jeep, the boy has to get into it.  I'm not sure if this is a M38A1 or a M151, but either way, it's cool.  Good times, good times.


Old NFO said...

Tanks for the memories... I can only do that around airplanes... :-) Glad you ran into an old comrade!

Murphy's Law said...

Jeep's an M38A1...and tanks--and tankers--are cool.