Wednesday, March 16, 2016


It's now spring time in Central Louisiana and today I had to run two errands after work.  One, to get an air filter and spark plug for the lawn mower.  Two, to get gasoline for the lawn mower.  Between trips, I asked the dawg if he'd like to ride and he jumped in the truck.

He thinks he's a big dawg when he's in the truck.  There's a general store down the road from the house that sells good, non-ethanol gasoline, which is what I use in the small engines.

A quick maintenance routine with spark plug and air filter, a simple once-over on the engine, and it started on the third pull.  The back yard is mowed and spring time is upon us.  I haven't mowed the front yard yet, it doesn't need it yet.  The grass isn't growing there, but in another week or so, I'll start the big mower and give it a once-over.  We're mowing weeds at this point, but they spring up fast and the yard will start to look shaggy.

PawPaw mowed the grass for the fist time today.  Here we go.


Ed Jones said...

I got out the small brush hog to mow paths for mushroom hunting today. The ground is not quite warm enough yet in mid Missouri.

John said...

If Philly has snow in the next few days, it is because I put the snow shovels away and took the cab off of the snowthrower.

Too early to cut the grass, but time to start thinking about getting the mowers ready. We started using a gasoline stabilizer a lot of years ago and the seasonal startups have been much easier.