Sunday, March 13, 2016


Summed up well, over at Instapundit.
 “The rise of Trump, love him or hate him, conveys an inescapable message: The United States’ political institutions are in decay, and voters are angry at a government that they perceive (correctly) to be broken.”
That’s true. The solution there isn’t very well thought out, nor is the anger at “tax cuts” (where’s mine?) but here’s a thought: When you have a society that can’t do things that need to be done because every change threatens somebody’s rice bowl or offers insufficient opportunities for graft, you’ve got a society that is due for a reset, not for incremental change.
 The thing is, resets are often kind of ugly.
The political class has failed us miserably.  On the Democrat side, we have Hillary Clinton, who is a corrupt politico currently under FBI investigation, and Bernie Sanders, and avowed socialist.  The Republicans aren't much better.  A neighbor referred to the Republican primary as "a clown show", and I didn't disagree with him.

Resets get ugly, and that's where we are during this political cycle.


Old NFO said...

And it's going to get uglier...

Jonathan H said...

I've always wondered what will come first - the great awakening or the rude awakening?
What will it take to make real change in this country, and how many people will fight it?