Friday, June 05, 2015

Let's Be Careful

Yesterday I was at the range giving my G22 a workout.  The Sheriff makes me carry it, and it will soon be time for quals, so I decided it was time to exercise all the springs.  During one of the magazines, I had a failure-to-fire.  Being the highly trained individual I am, I immediately did the tap/rack/bang.  After the string, I looked for the dud cartridge, and looky what I found.

That's a 9mm round, with a GFL headstamp.  The Glock 22 is, of course, a .40SW, and I don't even own a 9mm handgun.  Nor a 9mm anything.  The ammo I was using was an opened box of Winchester White Box, .40SW 165 grain ball ammo.  I doubt that Winchester put that round of ammo in the box, so its provenance is a bit of a mystery.

So, again, in the interest of safety, let's be careful about the ammo we load in our firearms.


Melissa said...

You mentioned an open and on your workbench? My only guess is that may be an Ely rearrangement to "help."

Theother Ryan said...

Once I got confused about boxes at the range and fired 2 rounds of .40 S&W through a .45 1911. Somehow I loaded the wrong stuff. Shot the first round and it fired but did not cycle, ditto for the second round. Realized what had happened, cue profanity. Load .45 with actual .45 ammo, put .45 around a big tree and then fire a few rounds into the dirt to make sure it is OK. Went back to shooting the .45 albeit with the right ammo.

6ShotsOr5? said...

From the strike on the primer, you are lucky it didn't go off. From the undersize case dimensions in that chamber, I think you would have gotten some significant blowback. Another good reminder why we always need shooting glasses. They have saved my eyes twice so far.