Monday, June 22, 2015


We're keeping a grandkid this week, and I asked an hour ago what he wanted for supper.  "Fish sticks, french fries, and chicken nuggets."  As it turns out, I have all that stuff in the freezer, and being a basic Cajun/redneck mix, I know how to fry in the backyard.

I made that fryer in 1974, and took it with me to Kentucky in 1976 when I reported to Fort Knox.  My dad and I cobbled it together in Chester Kubes body shop.  It's made from an old freon bottle and a 20,000 BTU burner out of a discarded water heater.    With very little maintenance, I've used that burner since '74, and the boys can argue over it when I'm gone.  Cooking outside on propane was brand-new in 1974, and I believe that was the first propane burner that made it to Fort Knox.  I know it caused quite a stir when I fired it up on the patio in the officer's quarters.

At any rate, I had to cook for the boy-o and Milady, so in just a few minutes I had deep fried some food, and took it in the house for everyone.

That's how we roll around here.  Some paper plates and ketchup and we're ready to go.

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Old NFO said...

Oh man, drooling over here... :-)