Friday, June 12, 2015


Milady and I decided that we needed some little tables, metal tables, to hold a box of cartridges and a spent primer bucket for our wax bullet range.  It's hard to teach the grandkids muzzle discipline if they have to turn around to reload.  On every CFDA range I've seen, there has been a little table to the shooter's right.  On it there is a small container for spent primers and there is room on the table for a cartridge box.  That's all you need to keep the muzzle pointed downrange as you reload.  The CFDA uses a 170 degree rule, best illustrated by the drawing in the Gunslinger's Guidelines.

We needed some tables, and went junking.  For those of you who might not know junking, it's hitting all the flea markets in town.  In a matter of hours we had found some little tables that seem suitable for our purpose.  I spent an hour with a rattle-can, and I think we have what we need for safe shooting, (and teaching the grandkids safe shooting).

I think those are going to suit us just fine.  Now, we can keep the muzzles downrange and enforce muzzle discipline during the Sunday Family Shoots.

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