Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Horrific church shooting in Charleston.  Twitter is ablaze, and some have identified a person of interest.  I'm withholding judgement at this time, but some are calling it a hate crime.  It will be interesting to see if this person is identified as a suspect.  I'm sure we'll learn more about him as the weekend approaches.  Watch for the usual suspects to rally around this tragedy and dance in the blood.  We'll hear calls for gun control, calls against racism,

The released photos from the security video do show that a young white male entered the church before the shooting and left shortly thereafter.  So, we're pretty certain that a young white male shot up a black church.  Beyond that we really don't know much, but that won't stop the pundits from pontificating.

I tried to update my blogroll this morning.  Unsuccessfully.  I went to several forums and evidently this is a system problem that's been around for several months.  Blogger is a Google product, and I'm sure that Google has bigger things on their mind than my simple little blog.  They'd do well to have their project manager look into this problem.

I did find a new blog this morning.  Gunslingers Cowboy Fast Draw.  Interesting stuff over there related to the silly game I've been playing for the last several months.

Watching a sick grandkid this morning.  I have the cartoons going for him, but we're sure to get into something before long.


Daddy Hawk said...

I have to admit, the more you talk about fast draw, the more interested I am in trying it for myself.

Old NFO said...

The Charleston situation is truly sad... And yes, they are dancing in the blood...