Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Family Shoot

Our Sunday Family Shoot was rather abbreviated this weekend, simply because most of the family was off elsewhere.  However, we hosted a good friend's birthday party, young Dylan, who turned 12-years-old.  He's a gun nut like many of us, and when we told him that we shoot real guns, with reduced power ammunition in the back yard, he was all about it.

First, though, let me tell you that my grandson Zachary (Akarate Zach, CFDA #4057) saw the other kids at the Silsbee shoot, and told me that he wanted his name on his belt.  If PawPaw can accommodate a grandkid, he does it.  PawPaw found a saddle shop nearby that embosses leather and had Zachary's CFDA alias embossed on his belt.  He didn't see it until this morning, and he was truly pleased.  If any of you need leather work, I can recommend D&D Saddle Shop in Pineville, LA.  An example of his work is in the gunbelt below.

Now, Zach is stylishly accoutered for the Southern Territorial Championship that we'll attend in Odessa, TX later this month.

Back to the Sunday Family Shoot, we hosted a good friend, and he's a budding gun nut, so we took out holsters and set the electronics up on the targets.  Milady gave a brief safety talk, and he walked out to the line.  We made him shoot two-handed, because that's how we roll, but I believe he had a good time.  What you don't see is Milady, just outside of the camera to the left.  With young shooters n the line, safety first.

That's Zach on the left, and Dylan on the right, running Ruger Vaqueros against a timer.  I'm trying to build this silly game one shooter at a time, and I love showing people the game.

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You're doing it right! :-)