Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Dumb and Dumber

It seems that there is this social media thing called Twitter, where celebrities and politicians make stunning stupid statements in 140 characters or less.  One good way to see what's been going on in the social media circles is to go to Michelle Malkin's website, Twitchy, which follows such things.

Some fool named Judd Apatow (he's a director and screenwriter; I've never heard of him) logged on and dragged out a strawman for the anti-gun crowd.  He immediately showed his ignorance, and he's catching hell on social media.  Rightly so.

Perhaps, Judd, but a simple examination of the numbers shows that the vast majority of those gun deaths are suicide.  The CDC estimates that 21,000 of those deaths were by suicide, which isn't a fair accounting.  If you take those ~21,000 deaths from your ~32,000 deaths, we're left with some ~11,000 people who die from firearms each year.  A tragic number, but much more manageable.

Of course, I'm not going to get into the other arguments, you've heard them all before.

Then, an actor named Vince Vaughn famously gave an innterview to Gentleman's Quartely, where he supports the Second Amendment and says that we need guns in schools.  Again, the Twitter-folks exploded with Piers Morgan beclowing himself.  You remember Morgan don't you?  He's a spluttering caricature of a newsman who beclowns himself regularly in regard to gun rights.  He weighed in too, with his jaw-dropping tweet.

He's catching hell over at Twitchy, rightfully so.  These guys never learn, and we have to remain vigilant in our defense of freedom.  All of our freedoms.

Looking past my right arm as I type this, I see a bag full of guns that need cleaning.  I'd best get to work.

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