Thursday, June 25, 2015

Patio Furniture

Sometime prior to 2006, (probably '05.. maybe '04) Milady and I bought a bar, an outside bar to put on the patio.  And we used it, through two or three weddings, lots of gatherings, plenty of parties, and in the last year or so, it started coming apart.  Several years ago, I had installed a new bar-top, of good marine plywood with multiple coats of poly, but it was looking weathered and worn, and Milady decided it had reached the end of its service life.

So, as wives do, she shopped around and gave me instructions to give the bar the heave-ho.  Grandson and I completed that task earlier this week, and yesterday Milady loaded us in the truck and we went to get new patio furniture.  Of course, some assembly is required, so I pressed grandson into service and he was a big help, running an Allen wrench.

While he was tightening everything up, I was peeling the bubble-wrap off the new chairs, and in just an hour or so, we had the project completed.

I think that's going to work out pretty good.  The gazebo that is over the table is weather-worn and UV'd to the point where it's falling apart.  Early in July Ill have to do something about that, and I'm planning a nice, flat-roof sunscreen with a metal roof.  There's no sense putting up another gazebo that will weather apart in three years.


Termite said...

Where'd you get the big roll-around-fan? I need one of those.

Pawpaw said...

That's a legacy fan, Termite. I got it out of my Dad's shop after he passed away. If I had to buy one today, I'd start looking at Harbor Freight.

I'm more amazed by the camera in this phone. That fan was running when I snapped the pic, and in the photo, the fan blades are perfectly still.