Monday, November 24, 2014

Victim Shoots Robber

We begin Monday morning with this bit of pleasing news.  It seems that one goblin in New Orleans was robbing people on the street and got more than he asked for.
According to NOPD, the alleged armed robber, 22-year-old Samuel Sims, approached his intended victim on the 3000 block of Bruxelles Street at 5:49 p.m. and demanded his belongings. Police say the victim gave Sims his cell phone, but the alleged robber wanted more. 
Sims got his cell phone, but that wasn't enough.  So he demanded more.
 The victim then pulled out a gun and shot Sims in the chest leading to his arrest. 
Sims wanted more.  How about a bullet in your chest?  Sims is in the hospital by all accounts and the victim is cooperating with the investigation. That should be a fairly short police report.  Hopefully in the next few months, Sims will recover enough to help with the planting season at our state penitentiary.  There, he'll learn a useful trade, picking peas for the warden.


Old NFO said...

Damn, shooter needs some more practice... :-)

Rivrdog said...

Dono what your "walls" are like, PawPaw, but in your neck of the woods, I gear that Starkville MS is the worst...