Saturday, November 08, 2014

Saturday Projects

Busy Saturday morning around here.  We found a leak on the pool pump so I took that apart this morning, found a worn 0-ring, and went to look for a replacement.  No joy on the 0-ring, so we'll wait until Monday when the pool shop is open.

Then,I started carpentering a roof for my deer stand.  It should have been up on the family land in September, but life intruded on the project and the deer stand is still disassembled in my side lot.  We plan to install it on Tuesday, Veterans Day, and I'm ready to do that now.  It's got a new roof and it's ready to assemble.

Finally, some brackets to hang kerosene lanterns on the patio, for ambiance.  They should cast a gentle glow and give that end of the patio some much needed light.  I put up tools, looked at my watch, and it was just 12:30.  Not a bad morning's work.

So, this morning I've done plumbing, carpentry, and metal work.  Not bad for a Saturday's projects and I think I'll take the rest of the day off.  Maybe harass Milady.

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