Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It looks like the US Senate is ready to take up the Keystone XL pipeline that President OBama has refused to approve, just in time to save Mary Landrieu's senate seat.
Senate Democrats are working on plans to hold a vote authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline -- approval that Democrats believe might bolster the chances of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), who faces a tough runoff election next month.
Good luck with that ploy.  Evidently the rest of the nation thinks that Louisiana voters can't see through a blatantly political ploy.  It doesn't matter at this point.  We're going to get the pipeline, and Louisiana will have a seat on the Energy committee, and at this point the only question is whether we'll have a majority seat, or a minority seat.  So, it doesn't matter.

Keystone has almost nothing to do with the upcoming election.  Really, in the minds of lots of voters, Keystone isn't an issue, because we know it's coming, it's simply a matter of when it's coming.  Keystone, while an important project, is not the deciding factor in this race.  Mary Landrieu herself is the deciding factor in this race.

Back in 2008, Mary's last race, when Barack Obama was running his first race and the Democratic party was its strongest, Mary Landrieu won re-election with a stunning 52% of the electorate.  This was for her third term, and she's never gotten over 52% of the electorate behind her.

No, Mary Landrieu is in a bind because she's Mary Landrieu.  She's forgotten who she works for.  She doesn't live in Louisiana.  She might hail from the Gret Stet, but she doesn't live here. We certainly know her name, and her family has a long history of elective office in this state, but Mary has moved on.

At the polls last week, I voted my conscience.  My candidate didn't win, although I believe that he did very well for a political newcomer, and I believe that he has a great future in Louisiana.  On December 6th, I'm voting against Mary Landrieu.  I'm betting that a sizable majority of Louisiana will vote against her as well.


Termite said...

Pawpaw said: "Mary Landrieu is in a bind because she's Mary Landrieu. She's forgotten who she works for."

^That right there.^

I voted for Manass in the primary, I think Cassidy is probably a political hack, but I'm PO'ed at Mary.

Old NFO said...

All my relatives are doing to the same thing...

Ryan said...

Pawpaw, I am not an LA local and while I live here I intentionally do not vote here. Would rather have my say back at home. Anyway to me as an outsider ML does not represent any meaningful subset of Louisiana citizens.