Sunday, November 02, 2014

Fire Pit

Several years ago, Milady bought me a fire pit for some occasion, I forget, and I appreciated it, but never installed it, thinking that I'd cogitate on it for a while to determine the best spot to integrate it into our back yard.  I pondered mightily for several months, as projects progressed, and made a decision, but inertia got the best of me, and the installation languished.

Last night we went to second-son's house for a gathering, and he built a fire int he back yard.  We had fun sitting around the fire and telling stories, so I determined this morning that I had procrastinated enough, and installed the fire pit on some left-over pavers.

We'll try it right there and see ow it goes.  It's at the end of the patio in a grassy area.  A couple of lawn chairs and we're set.  I may decide to get one more of those hex pavers for the middle, or I might not.  Maybe a good sand bed in the middle would be nice.  We'll see.


Old NFO said...

Fire pits do tend to 'attract' folks... :-)

Grey Mobius said...

Think about pea gravel - doesn't blow away like sand & easier to pull weeds out of.