Thursday, November 06, 2014

Election Thoughts

The primary is over, here in Louisiana, and the Republicans nationwide have done well.  The map is a lot redder than it was on Monday, and the Democrats (and frankly, everyone else) is trying to figure out what it all means.    PawPaw has been surfing around, reading the internets, and today comes to the New York Times, who has a good editorial on the issue, and one line resonated for me.
Our election night survey showed that 42 percent chose their Senate candidate because they hated the opponent more. One pre-election poll had over 70 percent willing to throw everyone out and start fresh.
That about sums it up for me.  My candidate lost Tuesday night, and now I'm faced with a choice, seemingly between Beelzebub and The Devil herself.  So, I"ll hold my nose and vote for Cassidy, simply because I detest Landrieu.  Dr. Cassidy shouldn't take my vote as assurance that I have any confidence that he'll represent me, nor as an indication that I believe he's a good pick.  He's simply the less onerous of two bad picks.

We did pitch our lip-locking congressman, Vance McAllister, the rookie who ran on a family-values ticket and thoroughly embarrassed us all when he got caught swapping slobber with a staffer.  Eight folks, including our congressman were in the field, and we rejected McAllister thoroughly.  The lesson here is simple: we'll reject a popularly elected politician who embarrasses us, regardless of political party.  Now, we've got a runoff between two yahoos I've never heard of.  It's time to do my research.


Old NFO said...

Start digging... sigh

Anonymous said...

I heard part of a Landrieu address after
the election.
Obviously a graduate of the
Hillary Clinton School Of Public

How have the people in LA put up
with listening to that grating voice all these years?