Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Name Game

Courtesy of Mostly Cajun, who likes highlighting names, we come to this heartwarming story about crime in Milwaukee, where a violin was stolen.  Not just any violin, but the Stradivarius belonging to the concert master of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.
Known as the Lipinski Strad, after one of its early owners, the violin was stolen from Mr. Almond as he left a chamber concert performance on Jan. 27. As he reached his car, someone attacked him with a stun gun and grabbed the instrument, driving off in a minivan as Mr. Almond screamed out: “They got the violin! They got the violin!” The instrument case was found hours later, dumped a few miles away.
The goblins, of course, were later found and arrested.
On Thursday, officials identified two of the suspects as Universal Knowledge Allah, 36, a local barber who is being accused of providing the stun gun used against Mr. Almond; and Salah Ibin Jones, 41, whom the police described as their primary suspect.
Evidently the getaway driver is identified as Latoya Atlas.   Mostly Cajun calls this a trifecta.  With names like Universal Knowledge and Salah Ibin, I'm wondering if they weren't adherents to the Religion of Piss.


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