Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good Numbers

Good numbers on my semi-annual checkup.  A1C down, cholesterol down, B/P down, everything else in range.  Doc says to keep doing what I'm doing, and he'll see me again in six months.  He suspects that I might live another six months, or he'd have set the appointment a lot sooner.

He didn't even chew my butt today, because I lost a few pounds.  This is great news, and I think we'll head down to the Mexican joint to celebrate.  I feel like fajitas.  I'll bring the dog the tortillas, because he loves them and I'm trying to get off the wheat.

I still don't like doctors, but today was almost painless.  (Then again, maybe he suspects I'll die in three months and he won't have to put up with me anymore.)  Naah, that couldn't be it.


swumpcracker said...

He did do a prostrate exam, didn't
he? Oh ya,you forgot, could be a sign of old age. At least that is my excuse.

Gerry N. said...

Flour Tortillas? Yecch!

I always order corn tortillas, blue corn if they've got 'em.

More flavor, better nutrition, and a lot less like eating a pillow. Never much cared for pillow for dinner anyway.

Old NFO said...

Great news! Keep it up!

Sport Pilot said...

Three months after I'd retired from LE my Doctor told me I didn't need to take BP med's anymore and that my cholesterol numbers were really good. When asked what I was doing I replied I'd retired from LE and wasn't eating at fast food restaurants any more. I received a blank look in reply.