Saturday, February 01, 2014

Reloder 15

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Alliant's Reloder 15 as a medium rifle powder.  It's my go-to powder for the .308 Winchester, and I find it useful for the .223 Remington as well.  It's a great medium rifle powder, and I normally buy it in 5 lb jugs.  I keep a 1 lb bottle on the bench and refill the smaller bottle from the larger.

I was reloading some .308 Winchester this morning, and using powder from the smaller bottle.  After finishing 100 rounds, I was tidying up the bench and noticed that the 1 lb jug was almost empty, so I reached up on the top shelf to get the larger jug.  It felt fairly light, too, so I poured what was left of it into the one-pound bottle.

It's not much of a problem, because my stocks of loaded ammo are good, and I've got just enough in that smaller jug to give me a little planning time, but it's becoming apparent it's time to buy powder.  A quick inventory shows me that I'm down to my last pound of IMR 4895, another medium rifle powder that I like a lot.

I hate paying the haz-mat fees, but I guess it's time to start looking for good deals online.


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Pickings are still mighty slim.

I have seen Win 760/H-414, AA 2495, AA 4064 and AA2700. Some people have been telling me that these sell out very, very fast.

Wideners offers "Notify me when it is available". I think your best bet is to mentally have a first string (what give you joy) and a second string (may not be optimum but will get the job done).

Good luck.


precision270 said...

good luck. I haven't seen Reloader anything in months. If you were closer, I'd split the hazmat fee.

Anonymous said...

My last order was to Powder Valley.
If you haven't checked there it '
might be an idea to do so.

Rivrdog said...

Check MidwayUSA often. I just got some 4064 there. Also, I got some AA#9, a good powder for straight-case loads, especially .357 & .44 Magnum. I had gotten Unique last fall from them.