Friday, February 14, 2014

Finally Friday, More Winter Edition

Regular readers will know that PawPaw missed a few days blogging, and we can blame Suddenlink Communications for the lack of service.  A month of so ago, PawPaw took on a bundle with Suddenlink, our local cable provider.  I've got HDTV, internet, and phone, all wrapped into one seamless bundle.  

On Wednesday, we had a little ice storm.  A piddling little quarter-inch of ice, and Suddenlink went belly-up.  No service at all.  PawPaw couldn't watch TV, nor surf the internets, or even make a phone call on the bundled service that Suddenlink provides.  Calls to the service center were amusing.  They'd tell me that we were having an outage (which I knew) and that we were having an ice storm (which I also knew).  What they couldn't tell me was what, exactly, the problem was and when I could expect a restoration of service.  The Suddenlink call center in Tyler, TX is worthless.  PawPaw was out of service from daylight Wednesday until sometime today.  Several calls over the course of two days always had the same answer.  We were in an ice storm, and our service was out.  

While I was at work today, I googled around and got the name of the Regional Vice President for this area.  I wrote him a two page letter telling him that they suck at customer service and that their managers here have their heads firmly up the fundament.  If I were he, I would take a buggy-whip and proceed to the Tyler call center, where I'd whip everyone in attendance and send them fleeing up the road.  He probably won't go that far, but a wholesale firing would certainly be in order.

But it seems like we have service restored for the moment.  Hopefully it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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Old NFO said...

I'd be looking at a 'better' package... Just sayin...