Saturday, December 28, 2013


Got up this morning, way before daylight.  Made a thermos of coffee.  Went hunting.

Got to the stand before daylight.  Settled in.  Heard something on the roof of the stand.  Rain.

Dammit.  Watched squirrels pack off all my corn.  Deer ain't eating it, I guess the squirrels can eat it.  Deer are bedded down in the rain.  Only fools out here are me and the squirrels.

Sat in the stand till 10:00, said the hell with it.  Filled the feeder with fresh corn, put in fresh batteries.  Went back to the truck.  Called it in.  Milady said that she wanted a burger for lunch.  Picked up burgers on the way home.

Probably going to sit in my easy chair the rest of the day.  That is all.


Goatwhiskers said...

Gotcha beat, Paw Paw. I got up early, heard the light rain on the patio cover, and said to heck with it. Spent the day piddling in the shop. Didn't get anything done, but wasn't out in the cold rain. Goatwhiskers

Old NFO said...

Well, at least you tried... :-)

Anonymous said...

Here in the cold, white north deer
often move in the rain.
I killed my first buck after a day
of cold, steady rain.

Saw a lot of deer on and around a
ski-trail in the rain one day.
Didn't get one although a couple
showed up real close.
The rain didn't bother them nearly as much as it did me.
My jacket felt like it weighed five pounds more when I left the woods than when I went in due to
accumulated rain water.