Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Arapahoe Shooting

Breitbart is reporting that a school resource officer was instrumental in ending the Arapahoe shooting in 80 seconds.
While Pierson was able to critically wound one student, from his first shot to his last, the only life that was lost was his. Robinson said "a critical element" in this scenario was the deputy who ran toward "the noise of gunshot," when "many would run away from it."
Robinson said the deputy "went to the thunder," which brought him to the library where Pierson was holed up.
On the way into the library the officer directed students to "get down" and let everyone know he was a "county deputy sheriff."
Hooray for the brave deputy who works the schools.  It's a thankless job sometimes, with long hours and very little acknowledgement. But, when it comes time to earn the pay, you earn it all at once.  As I've said before, being an SRO is a great job, right up till the second that it isn't.

This guy should be promoted, given his choice of assignments, and have honors showered on him.  He did good, and I'm here to sing his praises.  Eighty seconds.  I wonder how long it took for the adrenaline dump to subside?


Old NFO said...

Yep, he did the RIGHT thing for the right reasons. Kudos to him!

Eaton Rapids Joe said...

My guess is that he was carrying more than a radio.

The right person, the right training, the right equipment.