Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Other News

In other news, water is wet.  My thanks to JWF, who links to this article, where Kathleen Sebelius tells us that she wants an investigation into the botched ACA (ObamaCare) rollout.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a blog post early Wednesday that she is asking the department's inspector general to investigate the contracting process, management, performance and payment issues that may have contributed to the flawed launch of
Really, Kathleen?  You need an investigation?  I can tell you what contributed to the flawed launch.  Management.  You screwed up.  You screwed the pooch on the rollout in an unbelievably incompetent manner.  You had three years to get this right, and you botched it.  You, dear heart.  The singular you.  You yourself were responsible and it's a rolling disaster that some wags have dubbed The Fail Fractal.

The very first lesson of management I ever learned, Kathleen, is that an organization will do what the boss checks.  Evidently, you didn't check.  You didn't manage, you didn't cajole, problem-solve, or lead.  Worst, you let your boss find out about it through the news cycle.  You screwed up, Kathleen.  You.

You deserve to be cashiered, Kathleen, and probably tried for malfeasance.  The only saving grace (for you, not the rest of us) is that your boss failed, too.  It's like a huge onion of fail, with more fail as you peel layers.  So, here's what happened, Kathleen.

The President failed to properly supervise you.
You failed to properly supervise the managers under you.
Those managers failed to properly lead their units.
Those units failed the American people.

There's no need for an investigation.  This is a management failure, purely and simply.


Old NFO said...

AND she can't direct the IG to do anything... The IG is actually independent of HHS... Maybe they'll investigate HER!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually the whole mess is designed to foster one payer legislation later on. The Govt is your friend.