Thursday, December 26, 2013

Back At It

Christmas is over, and the detritus is pretty much cleaned away.  The tree is still up, and will remain so until later this week.  It's time to settle back into a routine, but we've got plenty of things left on our calendar until the New Year.

Later today, I'm going to help brother-in-law mount a TV to a wall.  I've done a fair amount of carpentry over my lifetime, and I'm pretty comfortable with hand tools, but I've never screwed a TV to a wall.  BIL bought himself a huge-ass TV for Christmas, and we're going to take his less huge-ass TV that was in the living room and mount it into the bedroom.  Like he needs a 42" TV six feet from the soles of his feet.  Still, I get it.  He watches a lot of TV, and he loves his apps, so that he can check weather in far-flung places.

I've never screwed a TV to a wall, but I know all about joists and brace-points and lag bolts.  So, after this post, I'm going to do some YouTubing and get an idea of how to do this right.  I'm thinking that a nice bubble-level might be a good idea, so I've got to remember to put one of those in the car.  Now that I think about it, I've got a stud-finder in the toolbox, that might be a good idea too.

After we get the TV mounted.  we're going to drive an hour up the road, and go see the lights in Natchitoches.  Natchitoches, LA, puts on one hell of a Christmas display every year.  It's quite festive, and while we're reviewing the lights, we'll stop in Momma's Restaurant for a bite of seafood.  I haven't been in Natchitoches for a couple of years, after having lived there from 1981-2002.  It'll be nice to walk on those brick streets again.

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