Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Gunny Shoot

We do a little shooting every Thanksgiving, after lunch.  Some pictures from today's festivities.

Grandson Jeffrey on the shotgun, grandson Michael on the trap.

Son Barrett cleaning a clay pigeon.  If you look closely at the upper left corner you can see pieces of the orange flyer.

Sister Patricia on a .38 Special.  She hasn't shot in years, yet fell right back into the routine

Nephew Adam on a 9mm pistol.  Adam has a PhD in some esoteric field and works for the Army at the facility near Huntsville.  He told me over lunch that he's working with aluminum as it relates to solid rocket fuel.  He's trying to reduce the smoke in the exhaust plume that a rocket makes when it fires.  Very important work.

A view of the firing line.  You'll notice that one shooter is up at a time, normally with a coach.  The other folks waiting to fire stand behind the equipment table.  Safety first on PawPaw's range.

Grandson Elyas helping to police spent brass.  Notice the hearing protection.  Everybody wears hearing protection on PawPaw's firing line.  We had a great time and folks are napping now, or snacking across the dessert line.  Another Thanksgiving family shoot is in the books.

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