Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On Rice and Racism

I'm following this whole Benghazi thing, from the Petraeus debacle to the Ambassador Rice telling everyone it was a problem with a bad video. Turns out the Director of National Security, James Clapper or his office was the one who put out the bad talking points. I'm also watching folks jump on the racism bandwagon because we simply cannot criticize a black woman who does what the administration tells her to do.

But, I'm thinking about the middle-aged white man whose office gave her those bad talking points for her to parrot on the morning talk shows. Is it racist to set up a black woman to look like she's lying to the nation? Clapper is an Obama appointee, isn't he? Looks like he might be a closet racist.

And, we haven't heard any more about Harry Reid's penchant for pederasty either. What is going on with the Democrats?

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Old NFO said...

The usual, deny, deflect, make counter accusations... sigh