Sunday, November 11, 2012

Petraeus, again

After spending yesterday reading all I could about this dirty little scandal, I'm convinced that I'm not really impressed with the General's explanation.  It just seems too mea culpa  to me.  It's easy to resign and retire.  Why air your dirty laundry on the way out the door?

I'm hoping that the General shows up in Congress next week and tells the committee everything they want to know, answers fully all their questions, then says, "But guys, here's some stuff that you have no clue about", then regales them for an hour or so with tales of felonious intent from the first term.

If he doesn't show in Congress next week, then he's just another asshole general officer who has no honor.  It's his choice, he can choose.


Anonymous said...

I say " asshole general officer who has no honor." He joins Powell who is a RINO who came out for the great petender.

MSgt B said...


By the way, Happy Veterans Day.